Message from Dr. Al Rustom


dr-alrustomHere, at DR KAMIL AL RUSTOM SKIN & LASER CENTRE, we believe that our success comes from our relentless focus and unyielding dedication on delivering exceptional quality in care for our patients. We consider these two concepts not only vital to the way we execute our duties, but also to our constant maintaining and continuous effort for innovation and high professionalism. One of the key factors that makes us unique is our ability to fulfil and exceed the expectations of our patients – we offer CARE and QUALITY and we combine SAFE medical environment with FRIENDLY atmosphere where patients can feel ‘’ at home’’. Here in my medical centre, my team and I, strive to utilize our desire for innovation and progress by employing our power of diversity and technical prowess in the constantly developing field of Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics. I am proud to say, that in my team I have gathered some of the most talented professionals with world-wide experience where just being ‘’good’’ is not satisfying enough and we always aim for greatness and continuation of our tradition of excellence. Simply, you can TRUST OUR TRADITION OF QUALITY and with us you can ALWAYS BE WITH THE BEST!


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