*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient based upon the circumstances and the patient’s specific situation, as well as the time taken to see final results.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

We can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks by using the Intracel laser which will stimulate the dermis to produce more collagen, and help you lessen the appearance, color, and the depth of the stretch marks. We can offer to our patients mesotherapy procedures which may help the skin to improve its outlook .

An Innovative, Skin Resurfacing Technology

It delivers heat energy below the surface of the skin. Traditional resurfacing lasers work by burning the surface of the skin, which means downtime and discomfort. Intracel Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) micro-needles directs the RF energy just below the skin providing a treatment with minimal downtime, without causing any harm to the epidermis.

Mesotherapy for Face, Body & Hair

Mesotherapy the unique combination of art and science developed by Dr. Michel Pistor of Paris, France in 1952 and now became one of established ways in Europe to improve the skin texture, fullness, glow, and radiance by targeting the dermis the source of collagen and the source of youth.

Later, mesotherapy is used for other indications like hair loss and whitening of the face.



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