VIP Patients

VIP Patients Becasue We Care

We believe that all our patients are VIP Patients, and we treat them as an integral part of our business and not as outsiders since we appreciate highly the trust our patients invest in us by allowing us to take care of them in our medical centre.

We greet every single patient as a member of our extended family and guest to our ‘’home’’ and we strive to show how perceptive we are to the patient’s needs. We treat all patients as Very Important Patients.

We will make your wait interesting by providing a comfortable waiting area with access to a wireless internet connection.

After the dermatological treatments our patients are provided with detailed instructions and recommendations, and after a few hours, one of our experienced staff nurses will call you to follow up and provide qualified medical assistance if needed.

With DR KAMIL AL RUSTOM SKIN & LASER CENTRE, you are not alone. Our medical team will be more than happy to assist you and answer all your concerns.

We are dedicated to providing quality service – this is our tradition and our reputation proves it.



We will contact you within 1 working day.